Awarded with a Bürgermedienpreis Rheinland-Pfalz 2019

By pure coincidence, Mia (played by Anna Weber) finds an enigmatic sketch book which leads her to mystical places. There she gets to know the story of Vera (played by Iwona Wyzgol) - a story of old myths, of modern technology, and of escape and oblivion.

Vera's story.

In "QVIS I" we hear a cry for help coming from a horizon where the boundaries between reality and immersion blur.


Link to the film: QVIS I (2019) | MYSTERY-FILM (German)

The 51-minute mystery film "QVIS I" (pronounced Cue-vis-one) was produced by Atris Film voluntarily in cooperation with OK54 Bürgerrundfunk Trier.

It combines Roman antiquity with modern technology and deals with personal themes such as the suppression of problems or death. It premiered at the Broadway Filmtheater Trier on 4 May 2019.

Back in 2017, the authors of the film, Maximilian and Marius Wiege, laid the foundation for "QVIS I" . Together with OK54, preparations began in spring 2018 for the film that would tell part of the story that the two authors had now been working on for over a year. Beata Wyzgol, Johannes Schreiner and Anna Weber were working at OK54 at that time and became aware of the producers Maximilian and Marius Wiege and actively supported them.

The shooting in summer 2018 took place mainly in Trier and the surrounding area, with a total of around 60 people helping to realise the project. Beata Wyzgol took on the camera work, Johannes Schreiner the job of sound operator. The leading roles were played by Anna Weber and Iwona Wyzgol.

The QVIS I team at the premiere

Ancient mythology

"QVIS I" deals with various aspects of Greek and Roman mythology. The film's historical settings create a calm atmosphere that contrasts with the tragic theme of the plot.

In their mythology, the ancient Greeks and Romans dealt with everything that was on their mind. Despite the fact that antiquity now lies about 1500 years in the past, there is still a surprising number of parallels between fundamental thoughts and problems from then and now.

Humans adapt quickly to the rapid changes in their environment, but at their core they seem to have been preoccupied with the same things for ages.

Roman temple district
Roman villa


The soundtrack to the film was composed by CYYO, a pseudonym of one of the producers, Marius Wiege. The sounds, just like the story, create a connection between the old and the new, between the ancient and the digital.


Henry Marx provided visual effects which give the film the final, digital touch. They are characterised by their intelligent simplicity, so that they do not immediately strike the viewer as artificially added.


Some important elements of the story of "QVIS I", such as the sketchbook or the painting, required quite a bit of artistic work to prepare. The authors' ideas were magnificently translated into reality by eager artists.

Miles Geib and Jana Matz provided the unique illustrations that adorn the sketchbook, Darius Träger designed a poster of the fictional video game "Space Cats United" that can be seen in Mia's room and Annette Wiege created the impressive abstract painting from the art academy.


Timon Schleier


Mia's grandpa

Sinah Arimond


Philipp Metzdorf


Camille van der Poel


Sebastiano Danesi


Bernd Wiege

Voice Mia's father

Voice Timon


Director, screenwriter, producer, editor

Screenwriter, producer, assistant director, sound designer, production designer

Director of Photography, production manager, production designer

VFX, 1st assistant camera, lighting technician

Production sound mixer, graphic artist

Production assistant, data wrangler

Production assistant, app developer

Robin Ramos-Hoffmann

Camera operator

Norbert Nussbaumer

Prop maker





Production Assistant

Production Assistant

Sebastian Lindemans

Production Support (OK54 Bürgerrundfunk Trier)

Production Consultant

Bob Boost

Production Consultant

Most sincere thanks

is due to those who made great filming locations possible for us:

Europäische Kunstakademie e.V.(

Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz(

Hood Dogg Trier(

St. Franziskus Saarburg District Hospital(

Lucky's Luke Independent Club(

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and also:


Ali Jameh

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Annalena Schumacher

Arman Dadgar

Birgit Wiege

Cheyenne Rouhi

Christoph Glienke

Delsin Altmayer

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Dr. Ulrich Marx

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